What can merchant account services do for me?

Merchant account services can make your business experience a more pleasant one. You will need to sign up for merchant account services in order to accept credit/debit cards. You definitely want to be able to accept these payment methods, as many people prefer "plastic" to cash, and definitely to bank checks drawn on a personal account! Also, the many extras that come with merchant account services can make your experience of those services a much more satisfactory one.

What types of merchant account services are available?

There are standard merchant accounts and high risk merchant accounts. Each of these merchant account services process credit/debit card transactions for you. There are specialty merchant services just for high risk businesses, adult related ventures, and online companies and startups. There are various consultation merchant account services available, and other features and options to help make your starting out with merchant accounts an easy as possible process.

What features are included with merchant account services?

All merchant account services include one very important feature: enabling you to accept all major credit and debit/ATM cards. From there, many popular merchant account services and features include easy account set-up, the ability to use the processors online and over the phone, reporting that can sometimes be checked on the internet, fraud protection, and various specialty processor machines that have their own unique features to fit right into your business.

How quickly can I set up merchant account services?

We realize that you probably have a business that is up and coming, if it isn't launched and already running! Either way, we know that you will want to be able to accept credit/debit cards as soon as possible. Perhaps you know of a client who may want to pay with a credit/debit card. Or worse yet, someone has wanted to pay with one, and that's why you're looking for merchant account services. Again, either way we know that you will want to be able to accept credit/debit cards as soon as possible. In many instances we can have your services up and running in just a few days. We work quickly to get you approved.

How much does it cost to set up merchant account services?

The fees associated with setting up merchant account services vary. The first thing that is taken into consideration is the type of merchant account services you require - do you need a standard merchant account, or a high risk merchant account? Are the included features of the merchant account services enough to meet your needs, or do you required specialized features? What type of credit and merchant account service history do you have? What type of business do you have? While we aim to provide you with competitively priced merchant account services, our prices do vary, as do our per-card processing rates.